Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Book review by Zayni

Ramona likes being big enough for responsibility, but must everything count on her? Ramona is having a hard time at her babysitter, Mrs. Kemp’s house because of Willa Jean, a spoiled, little rich kid, who blames everything on poor Ramona. But there’s more…. her parents are have a hard time with money, sometimes they quarrel and other times just LAUGH!!

Ramona finally gets to ride the bus alone but Yard Ape is bullying Ramona a lot, I tell you. Ramona is really scared about which teacher she gets and whether she will like her? She lands herself in funny situations! Will Ramona’s life ever be normal and happy? Find out by reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary.

What I like: Ramona keeps trying and does not give up whether it is learning to ride a bike or reading- You can read it when you are older to remember what it was like to be 8 and if you are young than you can read it see what being 8 is like.  Her family spends time together.

Issues addressed: dad going back to college, mom having to work, bullying, money, teachers, love of reading, bragging

Muslim parents concerns: 8 year-old girl liking a boy, siblings being mean to each other, gossiping

Muslim Mama’s POV: It is a great reminder to adults (parents or teachers) about how our words have an effect on young minds.  Also reinforces the idea that any challenges a kid is facing in school or with friends they can always turn to their home/family for support. Ramona’s journey in learning how to read fluently until she can finally read for pleasure is something we can use to encourage the love of reading in our own kids.

Illustrations: Some

What we rate = Amazing Book MashaAllah

What age should read it – 7-11 years old


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